Welcome to the Internet- Maunalani Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


  Maunalani Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was barely surviving with a makeshift web directory site.  They needed a place to call their own.  They needed somewhere hospitals and doctors could send their clients.  Now they have a beautiful website that will drive new clients to their services. If you have ever been up to their […]

Fresh Coat of Paint for 2015


Danny Yamashiro Ministries, a long time friend and client of mine wanted to unify their 5 organizations.  They were looking for a cleaner, fresher design that would unify their five websites.  Each of their websites had a custom color palette and we used those colors to separate a single design for their websites. On top […]

Have a Prosperous 2015!!!


Happy New Year Friends, I know it’s a little past New Year, but it’s always a great time to wish each other well.  So, here’s to an incredible 2015.  May all your endeavors prosper and bring you success.   I am excited to share with you an improvement to your websites.  If you visit your […]

Automatic Website Backups Come Standard


Backups are an essential piece of website security.  Backups provide a safety net in the event of a bad thing happening.  Servers fail, Websites are hacked, but if you have a backup, you always have a way to get your website back online in minutes rather than weeks.  This is why we include Automatic Backups […]

Professional Security and Website Malware Protection

Our Professional and Ultimate website Management plans includes our Basic Website Security Package along with a partnership with Sucuri.net to provide their Website Antivirus and Malware Protection for your website. Here’s what’s included: Professional Security Analysts Our team is not restricted by traditional boundaries, we employ the brightest security analysts around the world. Each brings […]